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Housing & Transportation

We do not have any on-campus housing or dormitories; however, Roberto-Venn recommends some actions that will better ensure you have a place to stay upon your arrival. Tempe and Central Phoenix are the nearest areas in which to secure housing while attending R-V. Most of our students car pool and some use bicycles to reduce transportation costs.

Here are some cross streets to begin your search. 

  • Between 7th Avenue and Central. (West to East) and between Roosevelt and Fillmore (North to South) – This area would be walking/biking distance from the school. This is just a starting point. Your search can radiate out from there.

  • Contact Renters Connection, here in Phoenix. This is a no-charge service. They can help you find a reasonably priced, convenient apartment. If needed, they will even talk to your Mom, to reassure her! Call her at 602-672-5473.

  • Try an on-line apartment search such as www.rent.net They are free and list most of the accommodations available in the area. On these sites you can search apartments by price, amenities, and location.

  • Once you’ve found an apartment that looks good, check the distance from the school with an online map service such as www.mapquest.com.