John Lippi

Media Director

John Lippi graduated from Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in 2016. He stayed on as our, first ever, media intern and video producer. Since the summer of 2016, he’s established Roberto-Venn’s Official Youtube Channel, featuring an ever-growing collection of videos, interviews and other guitar-related content. John is also creating Roberto-Venn’s digital student library, which contains over 100 video tutorials, to accompany our textbook and back our instructor led training. He is now Roberto-Venn’s Media Director.

He’s a one-man crew staging, shooting, transferring, managing, editing, blogging and posting videos every week. Plus, he still finds the time to build guitars, help with parts orders, and record music. John actually wrote and produced much of the music in Cliff Sarde’s film, Path of a Luthier, a short documentary featuring Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery, one of the oldest guitar making schools in North America.

John is an accomplished musician, songwriter and music-producer. Over the years he’s worked on many professional projects in NYC, Los Angeles, Portland and Phoenix. Back in the day John worked on the famous music row, at Sam Ash/Manny’s on 48th street, in Manhattan. Before his NYC days, he toured the country in the band KARMIC from Grand Rapids, MI.

For more information on John “Juano” Lippi and his multi-media endeavors, including original music, visit: