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*Must be accepted into the Guitar Making & Repair Program to take this class


This is a three-day intensive workshop on the use of selected hand tools, power tools, and equipment used in the art of guitar making. Each student will construct a Telecaster ® style electric guitar body. This project will allow students to practice some of the most important skills used in guitar making: measuring, milling, joinery, squaring, sanding, assembly, and finishing. Safe woodworking practices are emphasized at all times.

The workshop gives incoming students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Roberto-Venn shop environment and tool use and maintenance. Although not required, it is especially recommended for students with no previous woodworking experience, as well as those who may want to brush up on their skills.

Cost: $325 (including materials)

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Taught by Steven Davis, the Tool Use and Maintenance Seminar is only open to students already accepted to the Guitar Making and Repair course. It is not offered as a stand-alone course. The seminar is scheduled to meet on the three days prior to the Guitar Making and Repair course.