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Setup and Maintenance Workshop

Musicians often experience changes to their guitar set-up caused by changing string gauges, different weather environments and aging. Understanding the fundamental operation of the guitar allows the player to keep their instrument playing and sounding great for years to come. This will also help to minimize any problems before they can cause long term damage.

Have you ever wished you could do this for yourself? Set up your own guitar for your playing style. There are a many things you can do which will influence the way it plays and sounds.

This is a hands-on workshop where you will be setting up two of your own instruments, an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar or bass. The acoustic must be a steel string with a truss rod. The electric can be a guitar or bass also with a truss rod. No Floyd Rose type tremolos will be allowed for this course. Tools will be provided for your use during the course. Also, a complete tool list will be provided along with vendors so you can build your own toolbox.

You will leave with basic knowledge of the geometry and physics of the guitar, why it works and its inherent imperfections, along with the different types of setups for different playing styles. Your instructor for this course will be Robert Mazzullo with 30 years’ experience in lutherie.

November 18-19, 2023 – Class Full (register or call to be added to the wait list)

Saturday 8am – 2pm
Sunday 8am – 2pm

This is an avocational class and is not within the scope of the school’s accreditation.

2 day

Open to the public


(including materials)

Electric Topics Include:

  • Neck relief
  • Neck pitch (Bolt on)
  • String action
  • Nut action
  • Intonation/saddle compensation
  • Fretboard radius/saddle Arch
  • Truss rod adjustments
  • String break angles
  • Selecting string type and gauges
  • Nut considerations
  • Fret wire condition and sizes
  • Fretboard care and cleaning
  • Tuning machine adjustments and maintenance
  • Pickup height adjustments
  • Various bridges
  • Finish care
  • Humidity concerns
  • Tool list