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Fretwork Class

Musicians experience many changes to their guitar over its life. Sometimes on a newly acquired instrument and sometimes on your most faithful one. Changing string gauges, different weather environments and aging can cause or reveal problems with your frets. Understanding the fundamentals of frets is key to the performance of your instrument.

Have you ever wished you could do your own fretwork? Repairing loose frets, filing sharp fret ends, leveling, crowning and polishing. This will usually solve those pesky buzzes that show up.

This is a hands-on workshop where you will be doing a “level, crown and polish” on two of your own instruments, an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar or bass. Tools will be provided for your use during the course. Also, a complete tool list will be provided along with vendors so you can build your own toolbox.

You will leave with basic knowledge of the geometry and physics of the guitar, why it works and its inherent imperfections, along with the different types of setups for different playing styles. Your instructor for this course will be Robert Mazzullo with 30 years’ experience in lutherie.

**Students must have attended Setup & Maintenance to attend this class. 

Note: Fret removal, replacement and re-fretting will be discussed but not performed.