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Bart Applewhite

Assistant Director & Financial Manager

After graduating from R-V in 1993, Barton Applewhite stayed on to assist John Roberts with John’s exotic bird collection. Bart then went on to dedicate his time to recording and touring with his successful band, Kongo Shock, playing his one-of-a-kind Barton Basses and wowing crowds around the country. Bart still records and performs with his local band, Mr. Incommunicado and also performs with the Haley Green Band, Madman Theory, 2Tone Lizard Kings, William Eaton, Arizona Highwaymen and many others.

Bart returned to R-V as our financial manager, and all-around office guru. He is also serving as our Assistant Director. Truly, a man who wears many hats!

As you can see in the photos below, Bart isn’t very fond of frets.

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