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Conner Herman

Spring Class 2011

Conner works for Fender in Specialty Brands (Jackson, Charvel, EVH, and Gretsch) Guitar R&D as a Senior Model Maker. His duties include maintenance of all NPI product for Specialty brands including NAMM preparation, assisting brand artists with instrument repair and modification, 3D engineering projects using SOLIDWORKS and mechanical evaluations of instruments to assist product marketing with OEM instrument development and manufacturing.

Like most Roberto Venn students and alumni Conner was disassembling guitars before he knew how to put them back together. Mostly focused on art programs and playing guitar, preoccupied or enamored would be accurate descriptions. First hearing about Roberto Venn at 16, Conner got to stripping finish off guitar bodies to make his own “Arm the Homeless” copy in his parents’ backyard. After Highschool Roberto Venn became the goal and in the spring of 2011 he enrolled.

Roberto Venn was a necessary introduction to Guitar building and maintenance. After completion of the guitar building course Conner applied and was hired as an intern at Fender’s Headquarters in Scottsdale Arizona under Donnie Wade. After about 8 months Conner was hired full-time as an Associate Model Maker.

“All I cared about was guitar and Roberto Venn showed me that working on the thing I cared most about wasn’t silly, but instead was a valuable investment in my future. Without Roberto Venn I wouldn’t find myself where I am now, and I am forever grateful to the institution and the staff for the knowledge and kindness” -Conner Herman

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