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Kevin Caton


Kevin has been building and repairing stringed instruments for nearly 20 years. ​

When he was 17-years-old, his grandfather gave him hisfirst guitar. It was a 1965 Gibson ES-330TD. He immediately started to clean it up, polished the pickup covers and tuning keys, cleaned the fingerboard and made the body shine. Even though he played the guitar every day, he found that he was more fascinated by how it worked and how it was built.

When he was 19 he decided to try to build a guitar with no experience, research, or training. After a few months, he had a playable guitar. The action was a mile high and it weighed twice as much as it should have, but the seed had been planted. A few weeks later he started to build another, and then another.

​Kevin then attended the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in the Spring of 2006. After graduating, he moved to Chicago to work for the Boutique electric bass manufacturer Lakland Basses and after a short time, became the shop supervisor and was blessed with the opportunity to build instruments for some of his favorite musicians and to do the prototyping for many of Laklands current models.

​Lakland had a work atmosphere that promoted creativity and encouraged its employees to build their own instruments. This afforded Kevin the opportunity to use the shop and build as many instruments as he liked. After spending many years honing in his acoustic guitar design he opened a repair shop on Chicago’s north side in 2014 with a focus on custom building. Over time his guitars became more and more popular and he now focuses entirely on my handcrafted guitars.

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