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A dedicated builder who has given his life to the art of lutherie, Ray Kraut has spent years developing the most optimally responsive guitar possible. Kraut’s apprenticeship with master luthier Ervin Somogyi allowed Kraut to gain insight into the technique of building a truly unique and compelling instrument.

The artist describes the attention to detail in his work:

“I design the guitar as a single unified aesthetic entity. The aesthetics of my guitars go far beyond how they look and feel on the surface.  My approach goes much deeper into how the aesthetics of the construction – the structural integrity of the guitar – create a beautiful playing experience. This aesthetic experience is what playing my guitars is about.”

Ray credits Ervin Somogyi for developing an unprecedented ability to make a truly responsive guitar, and passing along this gift, now reflected in Kraut’s one-of-a-kind guitars.

Kraut’s emphasis on aesthetics and individualized voicing can be seen in the many nuanced facets of his work; yielding a unique and dynamic guitar playing experience in which the enchanting relationship between player and instrument unfurls. Kraut’s guitars are handcrafted to the specifications of each player, designed to resonate with the musician’s individuality while intersecting with Kraut’s illustrious aesthetic. Raymond Kraut Guitars is currently based near Tucson, Arizona.

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