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The guitars I make are very different from any other guitar you have played. As a builder who has given my life to lutherie, I am dedicated to building the most optimally responsive guitar possible.

I design the guitar as a single unified aesthetic entity. The aesthetics of my guitars go far beyond how they look and feel on the surface.  My approach goes much deeper into how the aesthetics of the construction – the structural integrity of the guitar – create a beautiful playing experience. This aesthetic experience is what playing my guitars is about.

The physics behind a contemporary acoustic guitar, as developed by Ervin Somogyi, allows for a resilience and flexibility in the voicing and structure of the guitar. He developed an unprecedented ability to make a truly responsive guitar.

My apprenticeship with Somogyi allowed me to learn and gain mastery in his technique. My guitars and my approach to my craft epitomize this aesthetic.

I want the details of my guitar to compel you to pick it up and play it. Then, once the guitar is in the player’s hands a whole new realm of subtle aesthetic details come to play. I love these details involved in the process of making an instrument. I love creating them in a way that people don’t even notice, but contribute to the experience of playing the guitar.

All of these factors are why the guitars I make are very different from any other guitar you have played.

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